Natural Safety Solutions


Apr 5, 2017  //  by Craig Davies

Changes to ISO standards can often be scary, especially when the changes are as significant as the 2015 revisions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. But is there really cause to worry? Or should the changes been seen as prompt to stand back and review management systems that may well have been in place for […]

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Feb 4, 2014  //  by Craig Davies

Anyone who has completed a PQQ or construction accreditation scheme will be aware of the increasing importance of environmental and sustainability criteria. The construction industry now operates an on-line school to help small suppliers meet these demands. Click here for more information

Health and Safety Law UK or Health and safety law in Northern Ireland Poster Reminder

Feb 4, 2014  //  by Craig Davies

Any site that still has the 1999 Law posters must replaced them with the 2009 posters no later than 5th April 2014. Employers will not be complying with the law if they continue to display the 1999 poster after April 2014. The 2009 posters have optional boxes where details of any worker health and safety […]


Feb 4, 2014  //  by Craig Davies

For people seeking CHAS accreditation, be warned that the requirement to provide evidence of health surveillance is becoming increasingly asked for. This is specifically the case for applications where there are 5 or more employed within the business. Please contact us for advice if required.

HASAWA 40 Years Old This Year

Feb 4, 2014  //  by Craig Davies

The Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAWA) is 40 years old this year yet there are still people who either don’t know, or don’t want to know that it affects their working lives. Simplified its intention is to identify significant risk and encourage employers and workers to provide information, instruction, supervision and training. We’re […]