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Natural Safety Solutions

recognises the importance of keeping simplicity at the core of all Health and Safety compliance.

We have embraced the ethos of ‘Safety Made Simple’ in all that we do, resulting is complex or high risk working environments receiving appropriate Safety Management Systems that address the issues; manage the risk not the paperwork

We recognise that a piece of paper alone is never enough, action as a result is what saves. Our knowledge of legislation and our willingness to ‘interpret’ and find a workable solution makes us different.

Our mantra of ‘there is a solution, we just have to find it’ has saved our clients thousands of pounds, unquantifiable lost hours in unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiencies, our approach allays any fear.

We represent clients from small operations with no in house safety advice, we can provide the ‘Competent Person’ Role, ensuring compliance with a basic legal requirement to providing the tools and support to maintain the compliance and continuous safety improvements.

Larger organisations with their own safety staff still benefit from our expertise, for example in specialist areas such as asbestos or chemical management or accident investigation. We also audit existing risk-management systems.

Our aim is to become an extension of your team, providing a safe environment for your people and acting on your behalf, if the need arises.

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